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Blood Examination a broad field

Since blood is a very unique source of information, the BRL-Laboratory puts modern forward-looking blood diagnosis into practice. Due to its functional i.e. morphological constitution, blood can be seen as a ”liquid organ” within our organism. Through constant circulation, in a three-minute-time (circulation time) time span, it comes into contact with every single organ and region of the body. Even for the ”traditional” or ”conventional” physician, blood is not only a separate ”liquid organ” but also a source of information, and it therefore must be seen as a diagnostic medium for a multitude of physiological or pathological processes in our body.



BRL-Laboratory Analysis

The BRL-Laboratories comprehensive early detection diagnosis well as therapy control and mail order research.Blood is a medium which reveals information about the status of our health in times of disease. As the effects of different exogenous or endogenous stress factors are displayed in the blood count, the methods of the BRL- Laboratory can translate the information for patients and physicians. This information is the basis for the investigation of individual strategies in the prevention of diseases and restoration of health.