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Examination of Fibrin Net

Many aspects have been developed, concerning the oxygen utilisation of human beings. Only when people discovered that derivatives of oxygen may cause diseases, biochemists began to notice the by-products of oxygen.

One revolutionary discovery was the fact that oxygen utilisation in the body produces highly reactive and toxic substances (so called oxygen radicals like Superoxidanion, hydrogen peroxide, Hydroxylradical). Some of these radicals are so dangerous that they cause a sudden cell death if they are not neutralised (reduced) immediately.

Our human body is equipped to neutralise these radicals.Today it is a well known fact that enzymes like Superoxiddismutase, Katalase or Glutathionperoxidase definitely exist and function in our body.

If the human enzyme system is weak or over exerted, cells and cell components may be damaged, as well as being susceptible to metabolic diseases and ageing.

Analysis of the fibrin net

These processes lead to a specifically shaped and coloured fibrin net, depending on the metabolic disease. This can be observed in the periphery of the coagulated blood.