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Biological terrain

The latent acidosis is a hyperacidity of the connective tissue that cannot be measured by the pH-value within the blood . Nevertheless, it causes numerous diseases as we will show below.

The human acid-base-balance does not show a constant relation of acid and base but a permanent change of their values. Discussion of an ”acid-base-balance” makes clear that there is a certain pattern to thos change. The values of acids and bases in the organism depends on processes such as:

the exogenous ingestion of food,the endogenous supply by metabolic waste products (e. g. formation of lactic acid caused by working muscles), the supply by chronic intestine fermentation caused by dysbacteria,organic dysfunction (e. g. diabetic acidosis), the changing activity of kidneys and intestine, the excretion of CO2 over the lung, the activity of the border cells of the stomach (formation of hydrochloride acid and bicarbonate) the constitution and absorbtion ability of the depots,the function of the vegetative nervous system..


Analysis of the biological Terrain

The BRL-Laboratory examines 6 urine tests taken every three hours in order to construct a daily acid/base curve. Such daily curves demonstrate the periodic flooding of the acid/base balance and allow an accurate diagnosis of the relationship of acids bases in the tissues by comparing them to the curves of healthy people. This method is also adequate for diagnosing the influence of food and medicine according to the acid-base-balance within a short time.